How To Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

June 7, 2016 presswork 0

Technology evolves on a faster pace. And we cannot just buy the next best thing. This post will teach you how to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit.

Nobody likes to sleep in a humid bedroom at night or work at an oven-hot office during the day.

Nowadays, electric fans are not enough anymore to provide a cool atmosphere.

Air condition is the answer to our cooling needs.

Round-the-clock usage of air conditioning units ensure a cool surrounding, making us more relaxed when we sleep or when we’re working at the office.

But we also know that our aircon units won’t perform up to par for a long period of time unless we take good care of it.

As such, Rencor has come up with just a few tips that would help you prolong the life of your aircon. (CLICK HERE FOR BASIC AIRCON MAINTENANCE)

  • Make sure your room is sealed

Slight opening on your room will force the compressor to work double time in order to meet the desired temperature. So before you open your aircon, make sure your room is shut so your compressor won’t get over used.

  • Clean the air filter

Dusts gather at the filter as we use our aircon regularly. Try to schedule a weekly cleaning on your filter if you own a window-type aircon. For those who have centralized aircon units,  make sure you change your air filter every month.

  • Use curtains or blinds

Curtains don’t just add to the ambience at home, they also keep the sunlight away.

Blinds and curtains are key office/home accessories, which are helpful to ensure your air conditioning unit works well, and works less.

For sure, as you follow these simple tips, the life of your aircon can be prolonged, while also ensuring your cooling needs are met.


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