Daikin – The latest supported brand of DMHE

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Daikin – The latest supported brand of DMHE

March 6, 2018 presswork 0

We are now an accredited supplier and installer of Daikin-branded airconditioning units.

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The Daikin History

In 1924, Daikin Industries, Ltd. was founded in Tokyo Japan by Akira Yamada and was under the name Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho LP. This company began to compete for business within the North American market during 2004 when they partnered with Matsushita.

The Company then started some acquisitions starting with OYL Industries and McQuay International. By such purchases, the company was able to start manufacturing of aircon units as Daikin Air Conditioning while retaining the McQuay brand. They were able to use the knowledge and experience of these companies to refine its existing product product line.

Today, the company offers air conditioners to residential clients and also makes air purifiers for residential customers. As well, it offers air conditioners and air purifiers for commercial clients. Also, the company provides external air-processing units which adjust for humidity, in addition to big-sized air chillers. Read the complete history here.

Accredited Supplier and Installer

Twenty Eighteen became a great year for DM Hernandez Engineering as they acquired license to supply and install Daikin-branded airconditioning units. Engr. Donato Hernandez made it all possible and became an additional asset to Daikin Philippines’ list of accredited supplier and installer. Check out the different models here.

Benefit for Consumers

It all boils down to our tagline of being a one-stop-shop engineering solutions. Having this Tokyo-based manufacturing company as our latest addition to our supported brands, it is easier and more convenient for consumers to utilize our services as more and more brands are being supported by our company. Call us now for an estimate.

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