The Practical Engineering Solution

Engr. Donato M. Hernandez, a Mechanical Engineer, had this dream of establishing an Engineering firm specializing in Electro-Mechanical jobs. In January 1982, HERNANDEZ WORK SHOP was founded. The company offered services in the field of servicing, repair and maintenance of Refrigeration and Airconditioning system. Years later, it was followed by the installation jobs, overhauling and rehabilitation of pumps motors and generators, fabrication and installation of ducting, erection of overhead tank, mechanical pipings as well as sprinkler system which also followed as the company grew. All individual clients and companies have been very appreciative of the performance and the result was overwhelmingly accepted.


By 1998, HERNANDEZ WORKSHOP underwent a rough time as one of its biggest clients, Philippine Airlines, faced a serious problem that would have led to total shutdown. Due to that, Engr. Donato Hernandez, armed with his passion and knowledge in hand, slowly driven the company to a new heights. The HERNANDEZ WORKSHOP was positioned  into a much bigger playing field. Engr. Hernandez managed to roster the company into the manpower and construction industry. This move also aimed at avoiding the loss of any of the highly trained personnel and instead giving them the opportunity for growth and a broader field. Due to this, Engr. Hernandez decided to change the name HERNANDEZ WORK SHOP that was known in the preventive maintenance business to DM HERNANDEZ ENGINEERING for the further advancement of the company with the objective of becoming known nationwide in this specialized field, Refrigeration and Airconditioning System as well as in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Plumbing/Sanitary field.


To date, DM HERNANDEZ ENGINEERING has continued the excellent service in Philippines Airlines, and has well expanded its maintenance service with National University, Asia Brewery Inc., and National Museum plus the growing number of new clients in Civil and Electrical Works.